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License renewal at the old price

If you have previously purchased a license for the full version of Stokes, you can renew it at the old price. This option is valid from one year (for licenses for 3 months and 1 year) to three years (for 3 year licenses) after the expiration of the old license.

To do this, find in your mailbox the letter that was automatically sent at the time of purchase of the license (subject of the letter "Order №xxx for a key for Stokes has been accepted"). The email contains a link to the page with the license parameters.

Open the page using the link. At the bottom, under the license parameters, you will see two links to a special version of the license key purchase form.

The difference between this special form and the usual one is that there are old license options – with prices that were valid at the time of purchase of your previous license. These options are highlighted in gray background.

The first link opens a form filled by the owner parameters that you entered during the purchase of the previous key. The form on the second link is not pre-filled. It is intended for cases when you want to give colleagues the opportunity to buy a key at the old price.

Legal reservations: this offer is valid for the time being. There are no guarantees that it will always work, as there are no guarantees to the contrary.