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Stokes — a simple program for hydraulic calculation of ring and dead-end pipeline networks Engineering calculations

Version 24.03.1

Installer Zip-archive Windows 7/8/10/11

Works on Windows 7/8/10/11 with .NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer.

Is this the full or free version?

There is no separate full or free version of the program. There is only one program. It will work in a limited mode or in full, depending on whether the license key is entered.

More about limitations of the free version and registering of the program

Is it possible to run Stocks on a corporate computer without administrator rights?

Admin rights are required only for the installer, because it needs to make changes to the registry so that the system knows that .stks files need to be opened with Stokes.

You can run Stocks without administrator rights. For this:

  • download zip-archive whit Stokes (not installer!);
  • unpack all contents of the archive to a place convenient for you;
  • run Stokes.exe.

Do not run Stokes.exe straight from the archive, without unpacking all the contents! In this case, the archiver will extract only this .exe file to a temporary folder and run it from there. The program launched in this way will not work correctly.

What to do if a SmartScreen warning pops up when downloading Stokes?

At the moment (June 2024), the Smartscreen does not pop up. But just in case, it was decided to leave this information.

In Windows 8 and newer, when downloading some programs from the Internet, you may see a SmartScreen warning:

It looks scary, but that doesn't mean you downloaded the virus. If you carefully read the text of the warning, you will understand that it means that this program is still unknown to the system. This warning stops appearing when the SmartScreen system collects sufficient statistics on the behavior of the program from users who still launched the downloaded file.

Stokes is a highly specialized program, so the number of new installations is estimated at only hundreds per month and the reputation in SmartScreen is not gaining quickly.

To start the installation, just click on "More info". After that, the "Run anyway" button will appear – press it. Then everything will be the same as if there was no SmartScreen.

If you are still afraid, you can scan the downloaded file with an antivirus. Or you can scan a bunch of antiviruses at once through the service VirusTotal or something similar.

Is it possible to run Stocks on Linux?

Among the visitors to this site, the share of Linux users is less than 1% (as of June 2024). Therefore, for now, the development of a native Linux version of Stokes is unprofitable.

The usual Windows version of Stokes was experimentally launched in Astra Linux using Wine in 32-bit environment mode. This required installing Wine packages for .NET and DirectX. It did not work very stably, but it is quite possible that the problem was not in Wine, but in the experimenter :)