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Help Printing and data export

Printing and data export

Export to PDF
Pipes table, export to Excel


To print the scheme use the menu item File → Print or press Ctrl+P.

Stokes scales the scheme so that it fits on a sheet of the selected size and centers it in the center of the sheet.

If the scheme is stretched in width, when printing, select the landscape layout of the sheet in the printer settings, otherwise portrait.

Before printing, you can turn on/off the background Ctrl+B and the labels of objects F7. The scheme will be printed in the view in which it is displayed on the screen.

Export to PDF using a PDF printer

Win 10/11 has a PDF printer (Microsoft Print to PDF). You can use it to export the scheme to PDF.

To ensure the maximum quality of the PDF file obtained in this way, a special menu item File → Print (for PDF printer) has been added to the Stokes. Unlike conventional printing, this version does not make any changes to the frame and centering of the image. The scheme is sent as is.

Maximum size The preinstalled in Windows PDF printer normally works up to 10000x10000 scheme size. It may not work correctly on larger sizes. There are better to limit yourself to 5000-7000 pixels on each side, because many PDF viewers with large files work very slowly. If you have a larger scheme, you can reduce it Ctrl+R before sending it to print.

Pipes table, export to Excel

From the tab Pipe Table you can copy data to Excel or some other program. This can be useful for self-implementation in Excel of any calculations that are not provided for in the Stokes (for example, for a water hammer when calculating water pipes) or for processing documents based on hydraulic calculation.

It's easy to use: select pepies table Ctrl+A, copy Ctrl+C and paste Ctrl+V in Excel or other application.