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Types of licenses, program registration

Free and full versions
Online and offline licenses
Purchase and payment of a license
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Registering the program and transferring the license to another computer

Free and full versions

The Stokes can work in two modes: free and full. The limitation of the free version: no more than 25 objects can be created in the scheme. There are no other restrictions for the free mode: you can read schemes with rings, multiple sources, save, open, etc.

With the free version, you can open schemes created in the full version, which contain more than 25 objects. You will not be able to move objects, create new ones, or change the parameters of existing ones. But you can delete objects, and if after deleting their number is within 25, the remaining objects can be manipulated without restrictions.

Online and offline licenses

If you need hydraulic calculation of networks with more than 25 objects, you need to purchase a license key and register the program.

There are two types of licenses: offline and online.

Online licenses are licenses with a limited validity period: they are available for three months and a year. During the validity period of the license, Stokes operates in full-featured mode. In addition, during this period, the license can be transferred to another computer.

At the moment of each Stokes launch with an online license, the server is contacted to check the validity period and status of the license. If the check is successful, Stokes switches to full mode before closing the program or changing the key. If the server was unavailable at the time of Stokes' launch (for example, the Internet was turned off), or the key expired, the program will simply work in free mode.

Offline licenses Internet is required only at the time of computer registration. Offline licenses have only one validity period — the period during which new computers can be registered with the key. After the end of this period, you will not be able to register new computers with this key. On computers already registered by the expiration date, Stokes will continue to work in full-featured mode until the computer breaks down.

Purchase and payment of a license, documents

You can purchase a license by filling out the form in the section Buy.

After filling out and submitting the form, you will be taken to a page with payment options:

You can pay for the order with a bank card through the YooKassa service.

When paying with a bank card, the license key is sent automatically, usually within a few seconds.

For non-Russian buyers

For unknown reasons, the American government has temporarily banned the VISA and Mastercard payment systems from operating in Russia.

The YooKassa payment system accepts payments with the following types of non-Russian cards:

YooKassa also claims to be able to pay via YooMoney and QIWI e-wallets.

If your company needs accounting documents for the tax service of your country, you can purchase a license through Softline — this company operates in many countries and is able to make the necessary documents.

Registration of the program and transfer of the license to another computer

After receiving the license key, you can register the program. To do this, go to Help -> Registration (or press F8) and enter your key:

Registration is linked to the following computer parameters:

Three different parameters are taken so that the registration does not suddenly break when the processor is upgraded, for example. But still, before reinstalling Windows, it is advisable to delete the registration from the computer, because in this case the server may not understand that this is the same computer (the Windows installation uid may change and it will be a different computer for the server). If you did not do this and when you try to register Stokes after reinstalling, you see that there are not enough workplaces, write to by describing the situation and specifying the computer id that is displayed in the registration window.

When installing a new version of the program, you may need to re-enter the key. Workplaces of license key are not wasted in this case, the server will understand that this is the same computer.