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Help Stokes functions and limitations

Stokes functions and limitations

Stokes was originally created as a simple and intuitive program for gas pipelines hydraulic calculation. Now it is also possible to calculate pipelines with liquids (as the formulas match with the formulas for low-pressure gas) what shows Stokes’ advantages and disadvantages.

What is Stokes made for

Stokes is designed for isothermal single-phase flow of gas/liquid pipeline networks hydraulic calculation. In the program it is assumed that all pipes are round, liquids are incompressible and gases compressibility factor = 1.

Thus, Stokes can be used to calculate pressure losses in:

What Stokes is NOT suitable for

Stokes is not suitable when you need circulation, non-round pipes, multiphase flow, open channel flow, strength calculations.

For example, you'd better look for some other program for calculations:

Perhaps something from other developers' programs will suit you for such tasks: Politerm Zulu*, EPANET (free), Aspo-Pris.